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As a Church of England Primary school we have an Ofsted inspection followed by a SIAMS inspection.  Please find the links below.


Ofsted   View Ofsted Report here


Parent View


Please note the document about Parent View, which is an online questionnaire run by Ofsted to gain the opinion of Parents.  If you are a parent of the school, and would like to register for the questionnaire, please open the document or follow this link.



Performance Tables

DfE School Performance Comparison Site


To find information stored on the Department for Education schools comparison website please follow the link above.  Unfortunately, as a small school our results are rarely published due to small numbers, but we can say that our pupils make excellent progress from whatever their starting points. We are very proud of their hard work and attitude to learning.


This year pupils made excellent progress between KS1 and KS2, and in fact for reading and maths are in the top 5% of schools nationally. They were also in the top 25% of schools nationally for writing progress! In terms of achievement, our results were well above the floor target, and in reading and Maths were substantially higher (at 86%) than the national averages of 75% (reading) and 76% (maths).


In 2015 we last had enough pupils in the cohort to publish results, and I can say that we were top in the Telegraph Performance Tables for Suffolk, and 7th in the Times! These results put us among the top 150 Primary Schools in the country!