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Artsmark, Arts Council England have made the following comments about our submissions:


Arts and culture are clearly valued at Whatfield and your work and commitment to the Arts is appreciated by the community you serve. You have not allowed the small size of your school to prevent you from achieving your ambitions when it comes to the Arts. Well done, this is to be applauded and should be used as an example for other similar sized schools who feel their small size could be a potential barrier. You have embedded sustainable practices to ensure the Arts continue to maintain a high profile. For example, the Arts and the Artsmark journey are discussed regularly, there is a budget allocation for the Arts and all staff now drive the Artsmark journey. Partnerships with a range of arts and cultural organisations are having a positive impact on the quality of provision for not only your pupils but for your staff through CPD/PD such as, the Music Hub, Gainsborough House, The Wolsley Theatre and the Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds. The curriculum enrichment activities such as “Kagera Day” help to promote and celebrate other cultures providing richer learning experiences. It was delightful to read about the introduction of Djembe drumming with the support of the Suffolk Music Service. It would have been interesting to hear more about pupil engagement. Whilst you do say pupil engagement is exceptional, it is not clear what makes it exceptional. As you continue your Artsmark journey you might want to think about how you could develop pupil voice by involving them in a more strategic way, giving them opportunities to plan authentic arts and cultural experience. For instance, they could help to plan the next cycle of curriculum enrichment activities. Collecting evidence of their impact on outcomes and articulating this would provide you with a strong platform as you embark on the next phase of your Artsmark journey.


Congratulations on your Artsmark Gold Award!