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Collective Worship

Collective Worship in our church school is Christian in nature.  We provide an act of collective worship for all pupils every day, usually in a whole school group, but occasionally in smaller groups such as a class. Parents may withdraw their children from collective worship on religious grounds. 


During collective worship children and adults will respond to the worship on offer in different ways and at different levels.  We recognise pupils and staff have varied backgrounds and aim for everyone to find something positive for themselves in the worship they are offered.


We organise our worship to follow the key values we hold dear as a church school. These values include: responsibility, generosity, respect and reverence, friendship, trust, hope, justice, compassion, perseverance, forgiveness, wisdom, creativity, thankfulness, peace, humility, service, truthfulness and courage.  We would identify the values in bold as core to our school and it's golden rules.