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Mathematics Homework


At Bildeston Primary School, we use a programme called Mathletics, which is a web based mathematics homework scheme. Your child’s class teacher will use this programme to set activities as homework, which your child must complete before they go on to choose their own activities from the many available on Mathletics. Your child can login, using the details on their login card that has been sent home, by going to


Please keep this login card in a safe place, if it is lost please contact your child’s class teacher.


Live Mathletics

In Live Mathletics, your child can challenge other pupils to real-time mathematical races, which will test the speed and accuracy of their mental calculations. They can choose to compete against pupils from school, their class, the computer or from right across the world.



Mathletics knows which year group your child is in and will provide exercises on all topics from the UK’s National Curriculum, pitched at their age group. Your child is free to choose from these exercises, but some of these activities will be set for homework, which must be completed before any other area of the site can be accessed. The level of challenge for the year group is said to be ‘core’ and it is possible, for most topics to select ‘something easier’ or ‘something harder’.


Problem Solving

The Problem Solving activities present mathematical-based problems in a real-life context. In this area, your child can use the range of number skills they have developed to solve a variety of problems in an exciting game-based environment.



A mathematics dictionary is provided, so children and parents alike can look up terms they may have forgotten!



Rainforest Maths

Rainforest Maths is a separate area within Mathletics. These activities are designed for students up to year 6 and have a rainforest theme.



Times Tables Toons

Meet Max the Cat and his band in the Times Tables Toons. They have created 11 great music videos to help you master multiplication. From the Disco Strut to the Jungle Boogie, these songs are a great way to learn times tables!