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Ms L Golding

When I started my teaching career it was hard to get teaching jobs, and so I began as a supply teacher in a private school.   I then spent some years teaching in East London, and had the opportunity to teach in both primary and secondary schools, as well as for a year in a special school, which was a great learning experience.  I became deputy head of a large Primary School in Waltham Forest, and stayed there for twelve years.  I loved it, we worked hard but had a lot of fun.


I moved to Suffolk with my husband and a young family who are now quite grown up - Ellie and Sam.  I have worked at Rattlesden, then Ringshall, Whatfield and Bildeston Primary schools since 2001.  I love my job as Headteacher and it has been a real privilege to help to educate children over the years.


I like art and music, theatre trips and films, as well as enjoying time with family and friends.


Lynne CS Golding