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At Whatfield CEVCP School we use the International Primary Curriculum, and teachers work hard to design exciting and engaging lessons based on the themes. We pride ourselves on presenting lessons in an exciting and creative way, tailored to our pupils, whilst following the 2014 National Curriculum.  We aim to teach modern British values throughout the curriculum.  We underline the importance of Democracy through the use of the school council, tolerance and understanding through our RE curriculum,  and responsibility to the community through leadership opportunities like Junior Road Safety Officers or fundraising for Charities.


We have also taken on a Maths scheme - 'Maths No Problem' -which uses the Singapore bar method of calculation, supported by a lot of practical materials to aid the pupil's learning.  It is a fast paced series of lessons, which we hope will meet the challenge of the newest Maths Curriculum, and is designed to complement it.


Philosophy for children is taught across the school, and most staff are accredited practitioners at level 1.