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Bike Check Notes for Parents

Parents should check their child’s cycle before the start of the course. If, in the opinion of the instructor, the cycle is not roadworthy, pupils will not be allowed on the course. Faults are often easily put right but occasionally a new part is required. We would therefore like to draw your attention to the following:



Check that the cycle fits the child, i.e. that the balls of both feet are on the ground whilst sitting on the saddle with legs straight. See also that the handlebars are at a comfortable height. Adjust both these at intervals as the child grows.



A mechanically sound cycle is a safe cycle. Make sure that all parts are in good repair and no parts are too loose.


As on cars, worn tyres can cause crashes. Tyres must have a reasonable amount of tread and there should be no bald patches. The side walls should have no splits or bulges. Tyres must be inflated to the correct pressure.



Brake blocks and cables should be in good condition and brake levers adjusted so that they can be operated with the minimum amount of pull. If the levers touch the handlebars in the 'on' position, the cables are too slack. Levers should be so placed that the child's fingers curve easily around them whilst the palm of the hand is on the grips. There is a variety of levers available, be sure that the ones fitted are suitable for your child.



It is important that both the cycle and the rider can be seen by other road users. Cycles must always have at least a red rear reflector and if your child intends to ride in the dark or in poor weather conditions, then they must also have lights. The use of high visibility fluorescent and reflective garments is strongly recommended. During the on road course pupils will be provided with a fluorescent safety tabard.



Please ensure your child brings a helmet to wear on the course. It should conform to BS EN 1078:1997 or equivalent. We also suggest that a bell or alternative warning device is fitted. The correct position is on the left of the handlebar within easy reach of the grip.