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We currently run a school milk scheme for our reception class children enabling them to receive a 189ml bottle of milk every morning. As from 1 January 2015, it became legislation to ensure that all schools made provision for access to this scheme for all children up to the age of 10 years.


  • Milk is packed with calcium needed to build strong bones
  • It provides a broad range of other essential minerals
  • It provides a wide range of vitamins
  • Milk is a great source of body-building protein and energy


No other drink delivers such a nutritional package. Milk is natural with no additives and is also safe for teeth. Dentists and dieticians agree that the best drinks for children are milk and water, especially between meals. A letter has been sent out to those children in Year 1 – 6 who currently take up the offer of milk each day for their child at a cost of 22p per day. If you would like your child to start having milk on a daily basis, please speak to the office to ensure that they can start on this scheme.


Please use the letter below to request the milk provision for your child.