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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is an additional funding provided by the DfE that is allocated to specific groups of children between the ages of 5 and 16, who may be disadvantaged by virtue of family circumstances. It is used to support their progress and attainment.  Whatfield CEVCP School has a policy on Pupil Premium which is published on this website under 'Policies'.


Pupil Premium funding is received for pupils who are:

  1. Eligible for free school meals, or have been in the last 6 years (Ever6)
  2. Children “Looked After” i.e. in care, fostered and Post Looked After )pupils adopted)
  3. From a service family i.e. Army, Navy or RAF


For pupils in groups 1 the amount allocated in  2018 was £1320 .  For pupils in group 2 the amount allocated was £3998 .  For pupils in group 3 the amount allocated was £300.


At Whatfield CEVC Primary School we offer a curriculum that that is rich, diverse and personalised to meet all the needs of pupils, including those who are eligible for pupil premium funding.


We celebrate the good progress and the achievements of all our pupils, including those who are eligible for Free School Meals, those who are “Looked After Children” or come from a military background.   We have systems in place to track and monitor pupil progress. We also set individual targets for pupils that are reviewed regularly, and PEP (Personal Education Plans) for pupils who are Looked After (CLA). A termly funding application is made for CLA pupils for their funding.


CURRENT ALLOCATION: This year (2018/19)  we were allocated £12278  in total, which was derived from pupils with a mixture of the backgrounds detailed above.  It has been used in a variety of ways over the years and a package of support has been devised to encourage parents to apply for the free school meals grant.  Teaching assistant support is budgeted for,so that pupils are able to access drawing and talking therapy, socially speaking activities, spelling interventions and gym trail.  Additional Teacher assistant time also enables Qualified Teachers to work with much smaller groups which includes disadvantaged pupils.  Funding is also used to support pupils attendance on educational visits and activities. The funding has subsidised clubs, and pays for pupils to have one piece of school uniform. In times when funding has been lower, the school budget has supported this expenditure, since governors have a policy of inclusion, and have spent more than the pupil premium allowance on ensuring all pupils have access to opportunities, especially for those in families which are hard-pressed, yet just above the free school meal requirements.  We  also purchase time from a specialist Maths Teacher to enable pupils to access quality tutoring in small groups to support learning, from a speech and language therapist in partnership with Bildeston Primary School to support early language skills from a play therapist when needed and the CISS service, to support the emotional and behavioural needs of  pupils who need additional help in this area.


Pupils feel fully part of school life, through our support for uniform and educationallvisits, and have a very positive attitude to school (shown through attendance and attainment measures). In 2017 we had no disadvantaged pupils at year 6, but in 2018, 100% of our disadvantage pupils achieved at least expected results in English and Maths, 67 % achieved a high standard in Reading and all achieved positive progress scores which demonstrates the effective use of pupil premium funds.