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What to do about bullying - who to tell.


Firstly, you should tell a teacher or any member of staff straight away, BUT...

  • Sometimes that is not as easy as it sounds
  • Sometimes you do not want others to know that you reported bullying
  • Sometimes it doesn't feel like bullying till you have thought about for a little while, maybe later at home, or even the next day
  • Sometimes children "gang up", tease and make fun of one person. They may think it is funny. They might think they are doing no harm, it's part of play. Sometimes the person who is the object of the fun becomes upset or angry. This may cause "the gang" to either stop, or make the taunting or teasing worse!


If this is happening to you, or you see it happening to someone else, please let someone know and report to a member of staff or your parents or a friend you trust to help.


If you are being bullied or you feel the class, or other children in the school, or even others outside of school are ganging up against you, please report it.