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For our whole school curriculum statement and overviews, which includes our 3 I's (Intent, Implementation and Impact), please see our curriculum page - Curriculum Page Link

From the outset of their learning at our school, we aim to prepare each child for the next phase of their education by enthusing them with a love for history, a curiosity about the past and an appreciation of its relevance to life today.  This will be achieved through engaging activities, trips and visitors.  It is our intention to equip every child with the core skills, knowledge and vocabulary necessary to gain a secure understanding of the chronology, connections and consequences of historical events from the earliest eras to the present day.  These will be explored from our own locality, the British Isles and the wider world – using a range of sources to allow children to experience how historians build an understanding of the past.  In order to do so, we will promote the purpose, aims and content expressed in the National Curriculum 2014 and provide opportunities for challenging activities designed to promote independent historical thinking.