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Our School Pyramid

Our School Pyramid

The Pyramid Schools regularly collaborate. Resources are shared, pupils often have the opportunity to work together on different projects or on sporting occasions and we occasionally go on educational visits together. Teachers share their expertise and work together on joint training or coordinator meetings.


Local schools within the Hadleigh Pyramid 


Hadleigh High, Whatfield, Kersey, Beaumont, Hadleigh Community, Hadleigh St. Mary's, Elmsett, Hintlesham, and Bildeston. 

Hadleigh High School (Pyramid High School) 

Whatfield Primary School

Kersey C of E VC Primary School

Hadleigh Beaumont Community Primary School

Hadleigh Community Primary School

Hadleigh St Mary's C of EVA Primary School

Elmsett C of E VC Primary School

Hintlesham and Chattisham C of E VC Primary School