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Online Safety

Keeping safe on the internet both in school and at home


Keeping Safe Online - A Guide for Parents

Rules for internet access

  • Pupils should only access the internet for study purposes or for school authorised/ supervised activities
  • Pupils must ask permission to use the internet in lessons and should not print pages from it unless authorised to do so. Pupils must not intentionally waste the limited resources available - in particular by printing off large numbers of pages in colour
  • Pupils must not use the internet to obtain, send, print or display messages or pictures that are unlawful, obscene or abusive
  • Pupils must respect the work and ownership rights of others and should always abide by copyright law
  • Pupils must not engage in 'chat' activities over the internet
  • Pupils must never give personal information to those who they contact through electronic mail
  • Pupils should never send unsolicited bulk/junk e-mail of any kind, i.e. chain letters, advertisements etc
  • Pupils should take care when using any computers, software and other ICT hardware and avoid damaging them. Where equipment has been damaged, it must be reported to the class teacher immediately who will inform the headteacher that same day
  • Pupils should keep their usernames and passwords for the network and e-mail safe
  • Pupils must not attempt to use usernames and passwords that belong to others, nor should they use their folders, work or files. They will store their work files in their own account
  • Pupils should report anything that they see which they think is unpleasant or unsuitable.


e-Safety guidance



Should any of the rules be broken, then the following sanctions will be used:

  • Temporary or permanent ban on internet use
  • Letters will be sent home to parents/carers
  • Additional disciplinary action may be added in line with existing practice on inappropriate language or behaviour
  • In extreme cases legal action may be taken or the police and local authorities may be involved.